This Is Dagi At Women Deliver Conference 2023

A few of my glimpses into the realm
of powerhouses in SRHR

Salutations ,
Dagmawit Workagegnehu
Women Deliver Young Leader

I’m excited to invite you into my world as I delve into the incredible experiences of attending groundbreaking Women Deliver Conference. From engaging sessions to candid thoughts , personal insights and all the fun in between, I can’t wait to share it all with you!!

Engage with me at Women Deliver Side Event, “Tracing change that happens by youth: Crowdsourcing the success of youth advocates in SRHR”

Organized as part of the Break Free! Program by the KIT Royal Tropical Institute, our event will focus on youth-led advocacy in the context of SRHR. We’ve conducted research in Ethiopia and Mali and documented the experiences of youth-led organizations and their strategies in conducting SRHR-related advocacy.

Words Of My World


Participating in the Women Deliver sessions was an extraordinary and inspiring experience that allowed me to delve into the depths. Through thought-provoking discussions, I gained valuable insights and learned important lessons from each session. Here, I narrate the wisdom acquired, highlighting the most impactful takeaways from each encounter.

Framing Debt in the Feminist Foreign Policy Discourse

July 16 ,2023 | UN Foundation Nest Hub , Norrsken House Kigali Town Hall

During this session, the focus was on understanding the connections between feminist perspectives and debt frameworks in the context of foreign policy. The lessons learned from this session were eye-opening.

Firstly, I realized that debt issues are not only economic but also have significant gender dimensions. Recognizing this intersectionality is essential when framing debt within the feminist foreign policy discourse.

Secondly, it became evident that by integrating feminist principles into debt management processes, we can create more just and equitable solutions. Women’s voices and experiences must be included in decision-making processes related to debt relief, restructuring, and negotiation.

Lastly, this session taught me the importance of challenging conventional economic theories and advocating for a feminist lens while discussing fiscal policies. Recognizing the unequal distribution of debt burdens and the need for gender-responsive economic strategies can lead to more inclusive outcomes.


The session provided transformative experiences by examining the intersections of feminism and various aspects of foreign policy. I grasped invaluable lessons regarding the gender dimensions of debt, the importance of inclusive decision-making, and the significance of advocating for feminist lenses in economic policies. These experiences have inspired me to drive social change towards a more equitable world.

The Youth Pre-Conference

July 17, 2023 |

The youth pre-conference session of Women Deliver 2023, titled “Your Voice, Your Power: Youth Pre-Conference,” created a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere. I can say that It successfully set the tone for WD2023 as a conference driven by youth, with young individuals taking the stage and facilitating critical discussions. It allowed attendees to connect with one another and organize collective action during and beyond WD2023.

One aspect of the session that I particularly enjoyed was the advocacy training session, which included the development of an advocacy action plan. This session offered valuable insights and guidance in understanding and prioritizing my areas of interest. With hundreds of sessions expected during the conference, having a well-structured plan is crucial in order to navigate effectively and engage in meaningful connections.

In a large-scale, multi-thematic, and multi-sectoral event like WD2023, it is vital to have a dedicated space such as the pre-conference to delve deeply into preferred thematic areas. Additionally, an interesting highlight of the session was the contemporary dance performance by couples.

The panel discussion featuring Hon. Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, Latanya Mopp, and Women Deliver young leaders shed light on the challenges faced by young people in meaningfully engaging in spaces and areas that are relevant to them. They explored the importance of creating opportunities for youth engagement in decision-making processes, advocating for increased youth representation, and addressing barriers that hinder their meaningful participation. This session provided a valuable space for building solidarity and fostering a sense of community amongst participants. Overall, the youth pre-conference session at Women Deliver 2023 provided an empowering and inspiring platform for youth to learn, connect, advocate, and amplify their voices in shaping a better future.

The Official Opening Ceremony
July 17 , 2023 | Kigali Convention Center

During The Official Opening Ceremony, President of Ethiopia, President Sahle Work Zewde, delivered a powerful speech highlighting the devastating impact of conflict on women. She emphasized that, in times of conflict, women bear a disproportionate burden compared to men, particularly in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps and refugee camps where gender-based violence (GBV) is rampant. President Zewde also mentioned her personal journey as she became an ambassador after having a baby, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to her diplomacy work despite the challenges she faced.

President Sahle Work Zewde’s speech was truly powerful and inspiring. Her emphasis on the devastating impact of conflict on women is both necessary and important. It is undeniable that women bear a disproportionate burden during times of conflict, especially in IDP camps and refugee camps– This is something which I have witness and testify as I am from Ethiopia a country that is being challenged with conflict and civil war. 

The truth is that even long after conflicts end, women continue to bear the burden. They face long-lasting physical, emotional, and psychological consequences that require support and protection. It is crucial that we prioritize and safeguard women’s rights during war and conflict. In addition, engaging women in the peace-building process is imperative. Women have unique insights, perspectives, and skills that can contribute to creating sustainable peace. Their active involvement and empowerment can lead to more inclusive and comprehensive peace agreements. To promote gender equality and ensure lasting peace, we must work together to protect women’s rights during times of conflict and actively involve them in the peace-building process. Only by doing so can we create a world where women no longer bear the burden of conflict, but instead become catalysts for positive change.

Words Of My World